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Women with a high sexual appetite have a hard time in our society. According to the latest survey from Adult-Dates, they romp on sex-dating sites anonymously and in a discreet atmosphere.

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The daily life of a sexually hyperactive woman in today's society is not always as great as one would imagine: in fact, in the prevailing couple model, their cravings are not really satisfied by a single man. The latest poll by leading dating site Adult Dates has found that women with a passion for sex use sex-in-contact websites to permanently satisfy their insatiable appetites. Thanks to sex contact ads, they have the opportunity to have many sexual encounters without being viewed by society at an angle.

To learn more about this trend, we have Noemie (26 years, Berlin), regular

User of the platform, contacted: «Since I registered on the website, my insatiable lust is no longer a problem and I no longer have to hold back. On Adult Dates, no matter when or where, I find a man in exactly two minutes - a dream! Sometimes when I have a free afternoon, I sometimes arrange several meetings in a row. Best of all, I can choose men according to my current wishes. It's a bit like going shopping! I greatly appreciated that you can keep your anonymity on the website: women like me are not always perceived very positively. I therefore prefer to remain discreet and anonymous. »

Not surprisingly, women like Noemie are among the most active users of the site. For the communication officer of Adult Dates, the handling of these requests is always a real challenge. Specifically, this means: "The needs of women are so great that we often lack men, especially as the gender ratio on our platform is far from one Balance is removed: More than 65 percent of our users are women. I am always amazed to hear that dating sites are only used by men. The reality is very different: Today, more and more women want to live their fantasies to the limit while maintaining their freedom. "